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IMG_1635Hi! I’m Tom Mondell, M.H. (Master Herbalist), owner of Pittsburgh Alternative Medicine. I guess you could say I am Pittsburgh Alternative Medicine (or as I refer to it, PAM. That makes it easier!!). My education and training focuses on helping people determine the cause of their health problems and then finding the right solution for that issue. No, I’m not an MD and I do not want to be. They have their purpose and so do I. I always marvel at the diagnostic technology an MD has at their fingertips but that is not my function. I see my role as helping people (and pets) regain their good health through natural means, whether it is via medicinal herbs, nutritional supplements, diet or energetics or a combination of the aforementioned.
So, no, I am not the owner of an apothecary or health food store….and “no”, i am not some type of florist! I’m just a humble guy that wants to help you feel better….even if you’ve been told there’s nothing left to be done.

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