Herbal Medicine

You can address just about any physical body symptom by using medicinal herbs as long as the problem originates at a physical level.

Nutritional Analysis

90% of what ails a person physically can be linked to what they eat and drink.

Transformational Kinesiology

This therapy is best used at all levels of being for determining and addressing any number of issues.

Tennant Biomodulator

Best for chronic pain and diseases of the organs through the means of accessment and treatment of voltage.

Matrix Energetics

Best for physical and mental problems via true positive intention.

Magnetic Healing

Physical ailments of all types addressed energetically via healing touch.

Radiant Healing

Serious health scenarios that go beyond what allopathic medicine is capable of treating. Incurable diseases.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Deals with mental and emotional obstacles common in one’s life.

Reality Creation

Addresses long standing mental blocks and cycles that prohibit healthy change and evolution basically on a physical or mental level via positive imagery.

Lifestyle Consulting

Simple modifications of habitual routines can have powerful and positive effects on a person’s health at all levels of being.

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